My 5 Go-to Beverages for Specific Occasions

I have specific drinks I go to depending on the occasion. Like, I wouldn’t want a whiskey after a long Monday at work; I want something more light, obviously with lower alcohol content. And when I am taking a bubble bath and having a ‘me moment,’ red wine is most definitely the only option.

I enjoy a rather large variety of alcoholic beverages, other than tequila and IPA’s. Tasting different types and learning new favorites is a fun hobby of mine. However, I am specific when I feel the type of beverage is appropriate for the occasion.

So let me share with you my absolute favorite beverages of the moment and when I enjoy having them.

1. White Claw Hard Seltzerimg_2493.jpg
I have recently discovered this light, sparkling drink and have fallen in love. It is the perfect drink after a long day of work. It doesn’t make you feel heavy like a stout will, and it is only 100 calories with 2g carbs! Talk about a winner.

Now, if you are anything like me you probably thought “ew” after reading “hard seltzer.” Y’all, I dislike any type of sparkling water. This drink does not taste like typical sparkling water. At least for me it doesn’t.

You can buy it at pretty much any grocery store or pharmacy in the US that I have seen. However, I do believe in some places, alcohol isn’t allowed in pharmacies? So you will have to do the search on your own.

Check it out and let me know what you think!!


2. Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider

One bottle (12 oz) is about 221 calories and 30g of carbs, so a little bit more of a treat than the Hard Seltzer above. However, I do love a good cider every now and then, and Angry Orchard is not only easy to come by but will also never fail your taste buds. I enjoy a bottle of this sitting outside on the back deck while we grill out or when we go out to one of the home-town pubs in Michigan.

3. Red Wine

I will admit, my husband and I are wine prudes and only get the more exclusive stuff. Not only is it usually smoother, the smaller vineyards take better care of their orchards and grapes. Large vineyards that sell wine in the local gas station over-water their vines because the more grapes, the more profit. Our absolute favorite wine is HALL Wines located in the lovely Napa Valley.  We fell so in love while visiting,

img_2537we decided to become members. You don’t have to be a member to buy their wine though. I would definitely suggest checking them out!

My favorite time to open a bottle of red wine is during any relaxing moment. A bubble bath, painting my nails, any art hobby, or simply sitting and listening to music.

4. White Wine

Again, HALL Wines are a fantastic go-to for any wine. Their Zinfandel is my favorite white wine. White wine is known for being sweeter and refreshing. Something about being out on a lake and fishing or riding on a boat screams white wine. I LOVE having some white wine and crackers while fishing.

5. Crown Royal + Coke

Lastly, my long-time favorite: the very well know Crown and Coke. I have always loved the bitter-sweetness this drink gives. I keep to having some on Friday or Saturday nights while out with friends; playing pool or shuffleboard with drink in hand is always a fun staple. Since whiskey is clearly on the heavier side of alcohol content, it is obviously important to monitor your intake and solely enjoy the taste of it. drink-alcohol-cup-whiskey-51979

That sums up my top 5 favorite beverages and when I find best to drink them! If you have a favorite beverage and go-to time please comment below!

xo, Shelby

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