Blending Sponge, Brush, or Your Fingers: Which Foundation Application is Best?

There are few things in life for which I live by the saying, “Life is too short to buy…”. Cheap toilet paper is one. Off brand peanut butter and bitter coffee are two more. And face products is usually another (except for a select few, of which I will have a blog post about in the near future).

I am very particular about the ingredients that go on my skin and how they get there. Your skin is what people will see until you die; might as well take care of it, right?

In this post I will explain why I think one or two products are better for your skin and your application process than the other!

So let’s get down to business: foundation application. For about 10 years I used a blending sponge. They are cheap and easy to blend with (hence the name). On the other hand, they can hold a decent amount of bacteria, they soak in much of the foundation that would ideally be on your face, and they should be replaced quite often. Blending sponges seem great in theory, but if you need something that can be washed and reused and doesn’t absorb your precious foundation, I would lean toward makeup brushes.

Recently, I purchased this phenomenal brush from one of my favorite makeup brands at Ulta, IT Cosmetics, and I now feel like one of those YouTube stars when I put my makeup on. You know the people that blend so beautifully you could stare for hours? And then when they finish, you just sit there like “whoa.” Yeah, that.

Buy a nice one and they last for a really long time. They don’t hold a ton of bacteria, and YOU CAN and should WASH THEM. The foundation that should ideally go on your face actually goes on your face and, lastly, they blend beautifully (refer to previous paragraph).

You may think I would be absolutely against finger application if you have read up to this point. And if you do, you are wrong. I love a good finger-paint masterpiece. I have found the best way to get concealer up in the corners of my eyes and around my nose is with my fingers! Blending is perfection because you can feel what you are doing. I always finish up my finger painting with the brush though… to blend it into the rest of my face.

So conclusion? Try out a nice thick make-up brush! Like IT Cosmetics. And don’t be afraid to use your fingers for that expert contour.

Questions or suggestions? Let me know!

XO, Shelby


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