The Face Mask that Rejuvenates the Driest of Skins

Growing up in Georgia, I never really experienced dry skin during winter. Sure, I would get the chapped lips every now and then, but since the temperature always stayed relatively mild they always rejuvenated themselves pretty quickly.

The move to Michigan was a total skin product changer. I mean, I knew the winters would be brutal, but I had no idea the toll a winter can take on one’s skin. I have always been very conscious of how any weather or condition may affect my skin and hair, so when November rolled around during my first Michigan winter I had no idea what these dry patchy places were on my FACE, of all places. Paranoia and frustration made me believe my skin would never go back to its buttery soft feel. I used my tried and true face lotions, and even those wouldn’t work!

One day, I was venting to my friend who grew up in the North, and she mentioned a product that changed my life. Okay, that is a bit dramatic. But it did bring back my soft skin.

Paula’s Choice SKIN RECOVERY Hydrating Treatment Mask. You’re welcome.

Paula’s Choice

Another great part? When my skin is just on the edge of death, I sleep in the mask through the night and wake up a new woman. Many masks tell you to only leave them on up to a certain amount of time.

It is creamy and soaks into your skin like a regular moisturizer; you can’t even see it! I personally love the masks that are green, charcoal, etc. solely because I feel like I am in a fancy spa, covered in a blotchy face mask, cucumbers on the eyes, drinking my wine, and eating my chocolate. And it gives me time to send dumb photos to my friends. Just that special moment.. you need it every now and then.

This mask won’t give you that bright color on your skin, but it will do everything else and more. Check it out! Especially if you live in really dry or really cold places.


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